A venir en février-juin 2020: Séminaire de Laura Marcus, Goldsmiths’ Professor of English Literature; Fellow, New College, Université d’Oxford. Chercheuse invitée auprès de l’Institut d’Études Avancées de Paris et du LARCA, axe Frontières du littéraire. Co-organisatrice auprès du LARCA: Catherine Bernard

« Rhythmic Subjects: The Measures of the Modern. »
The main objective of this seminar is to explore the intense focus and the extensive literature on “rhythm” in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in a range of disciplinary and cultural contexts, including philosophy, psychology, science, music, dance, film, aesthetics and literature. While the research will examine the specificities of these approaches, it will also suggest that “rhythm” served as a way of mediating between different areas of knowledge, at a time when many of the modern disciplines were in the process of formation or consolidation. We will focus in particular on late nineteenth-century “rhythm science” and “rhythmic communities” and movements in the early decades of the twentieth century. These include the musicologist Jaques-Émile Dalcroze’s “eurythmics”, the more mystically oriented “eurythmy” of Rudolf Steiner and the “Rhythmists” of modernist visual and literary culture, including the French-based artists J.D. Fergusson and Sonia Delaunay, the Dadaist Hans Richter (creator of rhythmic abstract films in the 1920s) and the contributors to “Rhythm“ magazine. The project also explores modernist urban rhythms, as represented in the “city symphonies” and one-day novels of the early twentieth century, and the “prose rhythms” of some modernist writers. The final part of the seminar will address more recent explorations of rhythm, including Henri Lefebvre’s “rhythmanalysis”,and Henri Meschonnic’s work on poetry and rhythm.
Programme détaillé des séances de séminaire à venir.